Language is the most important communication tool. Nowadays, foreign language has become a necessity, not a privilege. Knowing a foreign language is not just about grammar. The important thing is to have the ability to communicate in both verbal and written form in that language.

    HAS Schools have a student-centered approach to foreign languages, making them a language of life by exposing them to the foreign language and they do not only know but also use it effectively and at least two foreign languages in accordance with the European Language Passport (CEFR) we aim to teach.



    Primary School


    "In order to recognize the objects, one must deal with them, make changes in them, change their places, combine them, separate them and reassemble them. Knowledge arises from relationships with one´s objects" - Jean PIAGET

    The most important period of a foreign language is 4-10 years. Preschool foreign language education is the basis for later periods. With this awareness, the famous educational scientist Jean PIAGET’s self-efficacy centered, based on Piaget´s theories “High Scope” is carried out, which is the model of education of many schools in America and Europe.

    With the increasing number of English lessons, the next step after the High Scope training model is the acquisition of language as meaningful expressions and kinesthetic.

    In this model, in the field of learning thematic language practice, which is the center of life of the English class in HAS Ciftlik,educational materials brought from England which include the appropriate acquisition syllabus, auditory-visual and kinesthetic learning forms and multiple intelligence theory, We increase the confidence of the students with their speaking materials, while at the same time maximizing their ability to have fun and use foreign language.

    They will use the foreign language they have learned during the year as a communication language not only in the school but also as the language of life in the activities that will be carried out on the activity calendar based on national and international special and important days.


    Middle School


    It is the time for our students who are in the early adult period to take into account the previous achievements and to be able to use the foreign language in both academic and daily conversations, and to produce competence-centered projects adopted by the whole world, which paves the way for our students to use their second language knowledge in other fields.

    In order to use English with 4 peers (reading-speaking-writing-listening) at the same level with their peers in Europe, it is our main objective to be a citizen of the world with two foreign language education focused on drama with meaningful sampling, grammar and vocabulary usage with age-appropriate acquisition curriculum.


    Anatolian High School


    We are now aiming to increase the possibilities of using English in every aspect of their lives.

    With their more realistic and concrete examples and international projects, they do not only use the language they learn, but they both identify their own world view in the international seminar, debate, etc. which we have identified in the adult projects of which they have identified with them in the fields of knowledge, art, science, space, nature, technology, sports. they represent their country.

    We aim to add a TOEFL test result, which will open the door of all universities in the world, while each student chooses a good and desired section.