"It Opens Doors Beyond Your Dreams"


Has Schools, a founder of an educator family, has adopted the mission of being a self-confident, innovative , open-minded school with the responsibilities of their freedoms, the mission of raising their own happy individuals, equipped with modern values, making a difference with its students and employees.

In line with these basic principles; It has adopted an academic program that allows students to learn English fluently as their mother tongue with a high academic level aiming and 12 hours of course content per week. In our school, German, Russian, Spanish as a course is given in additional languages.

Has Schools aims to teach their students to value honesty, to be responsible for the responsibility of democratic freedom and to start with respect for the rights and freedoms of other individuals.

The students of Has Schools, which have been implemented by Gifted Students and Gifted Students Integrated Program, include academic courses such as drama, chess, computer, mind games, robotics, modern dance, ballet, gymnastics, natural sciences, social sciences, technology, social services, trade, sports. and art, as well as gaining equipment such as art and domestic exams and competitions they will have the highest achievement in the accumulation of knowledge.

Has Schools is a modern campus designed to meet the needs of students with all kinds of infrastructure. In our school with 6000 m2 closed area; There are 47 classrooms with a capacity of 1100 students including Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School and Anatolian High School. Our school has 1480m2 garden area, indoor gymnasium, 2 outdoor basketball, volleyball, tennis court, turf soccer field, multi-purpose ballet and gymnastics hall, conference hall, science, music and visual arts workshops, science (physics, chemistry, biology), social sciences and information technology laboratories, health room, library, sound recording room, cafeteria, store and student canteen.




Has Schools  has adopted the mission of growing uphappy  individuals who are self-confident, open to innovations, carrying the responsibilities of their freedom ;  equipped with modern values, making a difference with students and employees, has adopted the vision as a leader school. Our school, which builds its principles on the requirements of its mission, integrates the educational understanding in the most accurate way to its academic infrastructure.

HAS Farm; in awareness of nature we  are waiting for you to develop their talents, which become available to blunt with  technology addictions without touching their freedom, to stop and to understand the finer things and to have happy stories to be told.



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