"Opens Doors Beyond Your Dreams"

Founded with the visionary spirit of an educator family, HAS Schools embraces the fundamental mission of nurturing individuals with high self-confidence, openness to innovations, a sense of responsibility for their freedoms, and the ability to construct their own happiness. The school has adopted the vision of becoming a leading educational institution that stands out with its students and staff, equipped with contemporary values, and making a difference.

Based on these core principles, an academic program is implemented that supports students in aiming for high academic levels. The program includes 12 hours of weekly English education, enabling students to use the language fluently as if it were their native language. Additionally, supplementary languages like German, Russian, and Spanish are part of the curriculum.

HAS Schools aims not only to limit education to lessons but also to teach students that honesty and democratic freedoms merge with a sense of responsibility. Responsibility-taking starts with respect for the rights and freedoms of others.

Standing out with the Gifted and Talented Integrated Program, HAS Schools provides students with not only academic curriculum but also an education enriched with lessons in various fields such as drama, chess, computer science, mind games, robotics, modern dance, ballet, and gymnastics. Within this program, students have the opportunity to participate in national and international exams and competitions, achieving exceptional successes.

Situated within a modern campus, HAS Schools boasts an extensive infrastructure designed to cater to student needs. It encompasses a total of 47 classrooms for Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, and Anatolian High School. Facilities include an indoor sports hall, outdoor basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, a grass football field, a multipurpose ballet and gymnastics hall, a conference hall, science labs, a health room, a library, a sound recording room, a cafeteria, and a canteen.

Vision - Mission

The fundamental mission of HAS Schools is to nurture individuals with high self-confidence, open to innovations, capable of carrying their freedom with responsibility, and able to construct their unique happiness. Based on the requirements of this mission, our school has embraced the vision of becoming a leading institution that stands out with its contemporary values, its students, and its staff. Our school forms its principles based on the necessities of its mission and integrates its educational approach with its academic foundation in the most suitable manner.

HAS Farm; awaits you with the aim of environmental sensitivity, resisting the harms of technology addiction, developing talents in conjunction with freedoms, cultivating profound understanding, and fostering happy stories.

A Devoted Team to Educatıon and Teachıng


Hello, I am Derya Halil Kaya. I am a classroom teacher from the X generation. For 35 years, my focus has been on education, teaching, children, and serving my country. I began my career in a public school. However, thinking that private schools offered more opportunities, I soon started teaching and managing at Akdeniz Koleji in Antalya. When due to the country’s circumstances, exam preparation became necessary in the form of prep schools, I continued to pursue my ideals by establishing my own prep school named “EKOL.” For 19 years, we prepared thousands of students for exams. But when circumstances changed, in 2014, I founded HAS Schools and continued my work in the education sector.

In all my endeavors, I have prioritized the personal development of children. This vision is upheld in our school as well. HAS Schools operates with a mission focused on nurturing children who achieve high success in life. Serving as a reflection of both Antalya and our country, HAS Schools brings together different nationalities, enhances academic achievement, and places significant emphasis on social activities. Furthermore, we adopt an approach that makes foreign language learning a way of life.

I evaluate the future of my country and my four sons in the same direction; I believe that by planning today and with my faith in education, we can make tomorrow better. I see that developed societies have reached civilization through education, and with this awareness, I embrace all our children.

With love and respect,

A Devoted Team to Educatıon and Teachıng


I was born as the child of parents who are seven generations Antalya locals. Growing up in a civil servant family, I had the opportunity to travel to many different cities throughout my life. My interest in literature teaching began by reading numerous books, which allowed me to establish a close relationship with literature. Valuing learning as much as eating and drinking, I naturally chose the path of teaching. As someone who believes that the world is a place where we come together for change and improvement, I am guided by this belief.

This conviction shaped my life ideal and professional purpose, and for the past seven years of my 23-year career as an educator, I have been part of HAS Schools. From both student and teacher perspectives, I believe that we are on the path to creating a real school. As the world is a constantly evolving and changing place, I believe that a well-educated student should be able to speak at least two foreign languages as if they were their native language, possess adaptability, be skilled in productivity and technology. For a student raised at HAS Schools, it is important for them to develop and be supported individually, regardless of citizenship.

With our self-developed foreign language curriculum SMART, we aim to prepare our students for exams such as LGS-TYT-AYT-YDT-TOEFL, participate in talent and knowledge competitions, and nurture equipped, strong, and self-confident individuals. As a leader, I focus on leadership rather than management. Together with my team, I prioritize walking the same path, learning and teaching together. I value a life that is filled with opportunities for continuous learning, reading, and experiencing.

With the hope and ideal of a Turkey where education is shaped by educators, where there is vision, productivity, and a universal perspective, I offer my love and respect.