A LeadIng School wıth a Dıstınctıve Educatıonal Approach


In order to effectively utilize children’s potentials, suitable environments and conditions are created to bring forth these potentials. To achieve this goal, a guidance approach is embraced for our children, enhancing their learning abilities through hands-on experiences. The preschool period is when children’s development in all areas is most active, and their learning pace is at its peak. In this context, the younger the children, the quicker and more effective their learning processes become, leading to more lasting retention of acquired knowledge.

Our educational programs are designed and implemented according to the developmental stages of the children. Throughout this process, our aim is to nurture children who are confident, capable of using language accurately and effectively, possessing self-regulation skills, being tolerant, having creative thinking abilities, developing critical thinking skills, being able to express their emotions and communicate effectively, seeking help from adults when needed, and fulfilling their responsibilities to themselves, their families, and their surroundings.

A LeadIng School wıth a Dıstınctıve Educatıonal Approach


The fundamental approach of HAS Schools is to provide students with 20 hours of English instruction with an emphasis on spoken communication. HAS Elementary School, in grades one through four, adopts a student-centered educational philosophy with its team of expert and dynamic teachers. This approach aims to facilitate students’ internalization of knowledge, support learning through practice and hands-on experiences. The educational programs contribute to children’s development by supplementing lessons in various fields, while also aiming to foster the development of global citizens.

To enhance the effectiveness of educational activities, Guidance and Psychological Counseling specialists, along with the school psychologist, are constantly present to support students. These professionals assist in providing the best guidance by utilizing tests, inventories, and surveys to assess students’ interests and abilities. HAS Elementary School has integrated international educational standards into its English education. Weekly 12-hour English lessons are delivered in a conversation-focused manner by both Turkish and foreign teachers. German is introduced as a second foreign language from the second grade onwards.

A LeadIng School wıth a Dıstınctıve Educatıonal Approach


HAS Schools students can utilize any year of their education, from middle school to high school, including a year spent in the United States, without experiencing any loss of academic progression.

HAS Middle School offers students in fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades specialized education with an experienced teaching staff who are experts in their fields and possess strong communication and problem-solving skills. The school provides a strategic education that aims to cultivate students as global citizens. Advanced studies are conducted in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Weekly classes and study programs are increased at all grade levels to enhance academic achievement. The educational programs are enriched with methods such as field trips and various laboratory activities that can be applied in daily life.

HAS Middle School integrates universal educational standards into English education. 12 hours of English lessons per week are particularly focused on speaking, taught by both Turkish and foreign teachers. German is taught as a second foreign language at all grade levels. Additionally, students who achieve a sufficient level of English proficiency are offered a third language learning alternative. This includes options such as Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Dutch.

A LeadIng School wıth a Dıstınctıve Educatıonal Approach


HAS Schools, High School perceives high school education not only as a preparation phase for university and subsequent life but also as an integral part of life itself. The school shapes its entire education with this vision in mind. With a belief that all students can learn in harmony with their natural talents, we have designed a learning environment where they can develop their goals while respecting their nature.

Taking into consideration our students’ life stages, we provide counseling services for academic achievements, university exam preparations, and potential challenges they might encounter in their social lives. Our aim is to offer guidance services that take into account their individual differences, ensuring that students complete this journey happily and healthily, achieve their goals, and make informed choices. We strive to assist our students in understanding both the school environment and their own potentials.